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Contract Methods

Home Plus provides a Work Order which details all the work to be done and the costs involved. Upon signing the Work Order, a 50% Down Payment is made by the customer for the cultured marble and all other materials to be ordered and the days set aside for demolition and cultured marble installations.

Provisions for Unforeseen Problems:
Sometimes when tubs and shower units are removed, there are problems to be fixed which could not be foreseen before the demolition. These problems are detailed in the Work Order in the event they occur with specific costs usually listed. Extra costs involve such items as insulation needing to be replaced inside the exterior walls, water pipes outside of wall lines under tub and shower units, water lines run behind tub and shower spaces to exterior walls, vent piping out of wall lines, termites, structural damage, etc. which only occur some of the time and cannot be predicted in advance.

The balance of the Work Order is due upon completion including any Extra Costs if they occur as described above.

In the event that Owners add new items to the work, they will be due in full with their being added to the Work Order.

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