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  • Remove all sizes of bathtubs (cast iron, steel, fiberglass, marble, etc.)
  • Remove all sizes of showers (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Remove all shower wall material including ceramic tile, fiberglass, wall board, etc.
  • Remove all mold and mildew
  • Repair studs and supports
  • Do all needed repairs and replacements
  • Install new water-resistant sheetrock backing support materials (green board)
  • Install cultured marble non-slip floor and walls (ceiling if needed)
  • Install safety glass sliding or hinged shower doors
  • Install rectangular bench seat or semi-circular cultured marble corner seat
  • Install built in soap and shampoo holder
  • Install Price Pfister controls and shower head
  • Install fixed shower head
  • Install 2nd shower head on detachable hose and wall bracket
  • Install safety bars
  • Install matching cultured marble sinks and tops and faucets
  • Remove and replace mirrors as needed
  • Install handicap toilets
  • Install safety bars at other locations outside of shower
  • No damage to surrounding materials so that installations are complete

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